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8 Nov 2016 at Pest House

*75 Dollar Bill and DNK Ensemble*
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new live
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8 Nov 2016 at Pest House

75 Dollar Bill
Che Chen - guitar
Rick Brown - percussion

75 Dollar Bill, the duo of Che Chen and Rick Brown, have been playing together for about four years releasing a string of cassettes and LPs. With glowing reviews from around the world and at home in NYC, 75 Dollar Bill has shown itself to be adaptable, between playing house shows, concert halls and festivals, returning to Europe at the invitation of Wilco for Le Guess Who.

DNK Ensemble
perform Untitled (Vijfhuizen)
Seamus Cater - voice, concertina, actions
Koen Nutters - voice, Harmona organ, actions

A dialogue for instruments, half a bucket of water and stones. Dedicated to Sjirk Bouwman (1942-1987)

Pesthuislaan 41
1054 RH Amsterdam

Simple bar of beer and wine
Doors 20:00 - Music 21:00 sharp
No entrance after concert starts
Suggested donation €5--€7

“75 Dollar Bill performances are rich in the ways a moiré pattern is rich. Pit small differences in phrasing and meter against each other, wait, and waves of detail follow. You are not likely to hear a traditional solo in a 75 Dollar Bill song. It is a sound that conjures the old in the specific sense of music that is suitable for various kinds of social activity: dancing, mourning, commemorating, or simply beginning again.”

– Sasha Frere-Jones in The Village Voice