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20 February 2006

*Amos Amaliah presents 3 audio visual pieces in collaboration with Yutaka Makino and Tom Tlalim
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20 February 2006

Amos Amaliah presents:

Set 1: |TRCJ #4| sound: Tom Tlalim / visual: Amos Elmaliah

Set 2: |YMAM #2| sound: Yutaka Makino / visual: Amos Elmlaiah

Set 3: |Projection #10.2.3| sound & visuals: Amos Elmaliah

Born in Jerusalem, with a background as an improvising musician, Amos Elmlaiah works on manipulation and manifestation of movement. His work is devoted to Abstract Animation, which he performs live on the computer using custom made software. Elmaliah fuses concrete cinema of sound and image with imaginary digitally produced imagery. He studies sound, music and art and produces also theater, video, sound and kinetic art works.

Yutaka Makino was born in Japan. His work seeks to integrate the historic precedent of electronic music in a contemporary context, involving research in psycho-acoustic phenomena and spatial perception. Makino's work bridges both computer music and sound installation. He holds degrees in music, science and the fine arts.

Tom Tlalim (Computer Sound) Born in Jerusalem (1975), composer/performer/programmer. Since 2000, has been an active figure in the improvised and electro-acoustic music scene in the Netherlands. Co-organized festivals and events such as Noisecape festival, Digital Sound Force, POW connect and White Space White Noise. Since 2003, edits and presents a bi-weekly radio show at radio tonka together with Jan Trutzscler. Currently works in collaboration with various artists, organizations and ensembles including Voldemar Johanson, TangieRCluJ, MTK, TAG, MAE, STEIM, WORM, Joel Ryan, Dutch Vocal Laboratory, POW ensemble, {ie}.

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