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7 October 2016

*DNK Ensemble with Riley Harmon - Closing Ceremony at Palace Ruin*
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7 October 2016

DNK Ensemble will perform a CLOSING CEREMONY for James Becket's horror house public art piece Palace Ruin. In ritualistic fashion, DNK Ensemble and Riley Harmon will enact the ceremony to celebrate and say farewell to the ruined palace's second coming.

DNK Ensemble's work bridges the pensive and the spectacular, equating music, sound, object, action, time, and setting. Riley Harmon creates cinematic experiences and live performative situations inspired by personal, scientific and anthropological research. Scenarios tend to elicit a temporal quality as well as a flattening of time.

For this performance, DNK Ensemble are André Avelăs, Seamus Cater and Koen Nutters.

17:00 Panel discussion with Arjen Oosterman (moderator), James Beckett, Irene Ponec, Gideon Boie, Judith Lekkerkerker, Sebastiaan Capel.
19:00 Closing Ceremony

The 7th of October means the very last event of Palace Ruin! Good riddance! Together with Petra Heck of TAAK, James Beckett will reflect on the nature and intent of the project, and the elaborate architecture and music programmes. This is followed by a panel discussion led by Arjen Oosterman, based on the theme 'Zuidas Futures’. Referring to possible outcomes of this district, this debate is to be constructed by a panel of contrasts - exploring scenarios that are advocated by differing parties.