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30 September 2016

*Microtub at Palace Ruin*
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30 September 2016

This week at Palace Ruin, the wonderful tuba trio Microtub will play for the first time in Amsterdam since a DNK show in 2011. The band consists of Robin Hayward (UK/DE) - microtonal F tuba, Peder Simonsen (NO) - microtonal C tuba and Martin Taxt (NO) - microtonal C tuba. With the big Steim Meyer system standing on the ruin, this promises to be a sonic wonder amongst the skyscrapers.

Microtub explores group tuba music from the perspective of microtonality. Color-coded sculptural scores are used to define areas of harmonic space in just intonation, presenting geometric structures to be explored by the players over time. Their music is extremely luxurious in it's quality of sound and the sense of space achieved by their extended pieces allow for a deep immersion in sonic-space-time. The 3-dimensional graphic scores are subsets of the Hayward Tuning Vine, which arose out of a desire to visualize the harmonic space implicit within these instruments. Using the score-sculpture, the musicians might orbit once around a star-like structure, revealing the harmonic space implicit within it. In Square Dance, from their 2013 Star System album, the various squares and rectangles within the score are gradually explored, analogous to a slow dance through harmonic space.

17:00 Talks by Tony Chakar (Beruit) and Jes Fernie (UK)
18:30 Microtub (DE/NO)

Curator and writer Jes Fernie has a long-standing interest in the subject of destruction, considering it as something that is potentially fruitful, poignant, engaging and politically transformative. Architect, artist and writer Tony Chakar muses on a Hogiditria icon found in the Kaftoun monastery in north Lebanon, as a means of deconstructing histories of representation, seeing and ‘writing’.

Palace Ruin can be found at the Gustav Mahlerplein, immediately outside of the Amsterdam Zuid station.

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