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23 September 2016 at Palace Ruin

*YYAA, NDR, War Tone*
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23 September 2016 at Palace Ruin

YYAA is a Berlin-based record label crafting an aesthetic both warm and sleek. Backtearer’s music deals with high technology in a way that feels nonetheless earthly and organic. Amsterdam-based music composer Natalia Domínguez Rangel (NDR) creates a sound installation inspired by Beckett's “Palace Ruin” — snippets of its repertoire rise through the installation’s own sonic fissures -- while War Tone piles fractured terrain in a conflict of club music, ambient and harsh noise.

17:00 Michiel van Iersel and Douglas Murphy in conversation
18:30 Natalia Domínguez Rangel – sound installation
19:30 Backtearer (YYAA)
20:30 War Tone
21:00 – 23:00 Rupert (YYAA)

YYAA RECORDINGS is an experimental sound label based between London and Berlin. Their releases so far have been a series of influential cassettes that range from the ‘lush, head-spinning hit of ultra-modernist electronic compositions’ of Norwegian producer TCF to the ‘exquisite dustbowl drift of plangent guitars and pulsing synth dub’ of Trevor Lee Larson. The most recent foray for the label was an edition of a live performance ‘abrasive in the very best way possible, slipping from mad acid hybrids to ambient washes in a heartbeat’ from Belgian artist Hiele. Their regular broadcasts for Berlin Community Radio and specials for NTS have found a dedicated following.

BACKTEARER is a Danish artist who released his eponymous solo ’Swear’ as YYAA 004. Swear’s mood is derived from journeys across various cultures, traditions, and environments. 70s and 80s industrial and ambient music are a primary inspiration, but Backtearer seems particularly interested in the clash of this often physical and primitively recorded music with the more HD sound of the internet age. Combining found sounds, obscure audio recordings, and a digital air, Swear is an evocative listen.

Palace Ruin can be found at the Gustav Mahlerplein, immediately outside of the Amsterdam Zuid station.