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16 September 2016 at Palace Ruin

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16 September 2016 at Palace Ruin

VHSUHF will install "Routinely Risking Destruction for the Sake of Narrow Gains". This performance installation will be a live building of their setup, tuning in with the ruin. The work will be on show through the afternoon, running until 19:00.

Mike Ottink and Brian D. McKenna have been collaborating as VHSUHF since 2006. They tend to make their own instruments and often treat music as a side-effect of electroacoustic experimentation. Their approach most often combines process based structures with improvisation. "Routinely Risking Destruction for the Sake of Narrow Gains" is an investigation into the musically resonant possibilities of existing structural steel assemblages.

14:00 VHSUHF
17:00 Talks: Linda Vlassenrood, Ivan Nio and Joris van Casteren.
18:00 VHSUHF
19:00 End

At 17:00 Linda Vlassenrood of INTI (International New Town Institute) will lead a discussion about social aspects of the built environment. What are the values of ‘new towns’ like Zuidas and what response do they elicit from users? Ivan Nio and Joris van Casteren will talk about the differences between the planned and the lived city, referencing a number of interesting postwar examples including Milton Keynes and Almere.

Palace Ruin can be found at the Gustav Mahlerplein, immediately outside of the Amsterdam Zuid station.