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9 September 2016 at Palace Ruin

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9 September 2016 at Palace Ruin

This Friday at Palace Ruin there's an early evening lecture and a night time party. The party is a BYOB happening with much fun to be had, featuring the amazing N.M.O. and DJ crew Cosime.

At 17:00, Artist Scott Raby will give a performative lecture in which he seeks to uncover the reality behind Zuidas. The lecture will examine the characteristics of neoliberal architecture and its impact on its surroundings.

From 21:00 a party situation begins, hosted by Amsterdam's newest DJ duo Cosime (DJs Arif and Job - Nous'klaer Audio) playing broken music to compliment a ruin in context – a reflection on historic and corporate architecture. This envelopes the entirely singular Berlin based 'fluxus techno' duo N.M.O. (Ruben Patiño & Morten Olsen). Formalism and intervention define this evening, as sample of a club in a business-hub.

17:00 Scott Raby - “Neoliberalism is neither new nor liberal – what to make of the Zuidas?”
18:00 N.M.O - short commuter set

21:00 Dj Arif - Intro
21:45 N.M.O. - full set
22:30 till 00:00 - Cosime

N.M.O. is an acronym serving to frame the work of a rolling computerized ceremonial aerobics unit that operates in a hybrid territory between club music, performance and inventive forms of sound spatialisation. What they call ‘Military Danceable Space Music and/or Fluxus Techno' is a unique blend of repetitive percussive patterns and synthetic sounds that combined with performative aspects explodes during their live shows. N.M.O.'s rapid rise in the avant techno / industrial /electronic scene has seen releases on Anòmia, Where To Now?, The Death of Rave and Diagonal.

In “Neoliberalism is neither new nor liberal – what to make of the Zuidas?” artist Scott Raby will detail thoughts, experiences, and research on Amsterdam’s business and financial district. Underpinned by and exuding neoliberal features at every turn, whether they are spatial, programmatic, or abstract, the Zuidas is ripe with signs of global capitalism that are imbedded with political and ideological content. The artist will examine the visual appearance of Zuidas - its architecture, public art, and other spaces, then focus on the visual’s relationship to socio-economic and political positions. Drawing upon his previous experience of living, working, and making temporary public art projects in Zuidas the artist asks, “How can one reconcile today’s financial districts, materially, socially, and otherwise? What is their future? How can it be better? What is our role?”

Palace Ruin can be found at the Gustav Mahlerplein, immediately outside of the Amsterdam Zuid station.

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