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24 October 2015 at Pest House

*DNK-Ensemble play songs by Michael Pisaro *
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24 October 2015 at Pest House

For this concert, DNK Ensemble and Konzert Minimal will play a selection from Michael Pisaro's Tombstones. The Tombstones are fragments of historical popular songs taking in Hank Williams, Robert Johnson and David Bowie to name but a few.

"a melody, a few words from the lyrics -- as the base for each piece. Treating them as found objects, he spotlighted and stretched a particular part from each song in order to deeply examine these sliced moments. The function of a tombstone is to express the death of something, while also serving as a memorial for that thing so that we do not forget it. In this case, Pisaro's objective is to express the death, and to (possibly) resurrect, the political quality contained within the song fragments." Elliot Sharp, Village Voice.

Michael Pisaro - Tombstones (2010)


1.) Blues Fall (2006)
3.) The darkness is falling (2007)
4.) New Orleans (2007)
7.) A better way of life (2007)
9.) Tombstone (2009)
10.) Very Clear (2009)
13.) Why (2009)

Konzert Minimal / DNK Ensemble

Seamus Cater - Voice, concertina and Rhodes
Johnny Chang - Viola
Koen Nutters - Upright Bass
Gerri Jaeger - Percussion

DJ TBC (before and after)

Entrance info:
Places are limited to 50, so please arrive promptly between 20:30 to 21:00. After this, doors close.
Concert begins at 21:00.

Pesthuislaan 41
1054 RH Amsterdam
Donations between 5 and 7