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30 January - 28 February 2015

*Nearly Not There... Ephemeral Spaces, Sounds and Objects at W139 at W139*
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30 January - 28 February 2015

DNK-Amsterdam presents a one month exhibition at W139, Amsterdam.

Nearly Not There... Ephemeral Spaces, Sounds and Objects at W139 investigates the fluid occurrences and interactions happening between contemporary music, sound art and performance art.

Focussed on compositional though transient arrangement, this permutational exhibition will show a month long progression of the building, rebuilding, measuring, and calibration of its parts, enfolding performances, concerts, installation works, a seminar, light design, social interaction and a record shop.

Posing notions of sound, instrumentalism, performance and the concert setting merely as working hypotheses, Nearly Not There... creates and denounces divisions as they come, only to establish a transitionary environment acting on and because of itself, providing each gradation a space to function within.

Equally inspired by the musical, the visual and the spatial, it aims to expose emergent relationships within and between; visual art that sounds, performance art of tone and instrument, sound installations disguised as concerts, audience as performers, empty spaces full of sound.

Nearly Not There... is curated by Seamus Cater, Koen Nutters and Martijn Tellinga, and supported by STEIM, Red Light Radio, Sonic Acts and DNK-Amsterdam.

Nearly Not There... will include the first instance of a record shop specialising in many different streams of experimental music and sound art.

Design: Noëm Held
Light: Marius Mathisrud


Opening Friday 30th of January at 19.00
Showing until Wednesday 4th February from 12.00 - 18.00

The Input / Output Routine - Part 1 and 2

Part 1: The Rock Band
Part 2: The Artist Talk

Two installations by Morten J Olsen and Koen Nutters

Friday 30th of January until Saturday 28th of February, open daily 12.00 - 18.00

Nearly Not There Records

A record shop for new music in all its forms: records, tapes, cd's, books and editions.

Thursday February 5th, 12:00 - 18:00

Nearly Not There Records 'in store' event

Live Six Hour DJ Set


DJ MFK / Koen Nutters
DJ Morendo / Morten J Olsen
DJ Nearly / Seamus Cater
DJ Nearly Not / Martijn Tellinga


Special Guests

Friday 6th of February, 21:00

The Material Audience

Performances by André Avelăs, Sara Campos, Seamus Cater, Roderick Hietbrinck, David Helbich, Bea McMahon, Chris Meighan, Martijn Tellinga and Samuel Vriezen.

A social evening where individual artists and composers invite the audience to embody their ideas. In a kind of market situation, the artists will seek out their performers within the event.

Performances are planned in advance but only realised in the space. All teaching, communicating, rehearsing and bargaining only happen once the doors open, proposing a socially dynamic evening where the audience become the material.

Monday 9th of February until Sunday 15th of February, daily from 12.00 - 18.00

Sound Installation:

A Study In Focus by Gabriel Paiuk

This installation involves the scale of loudspeakers, the spatial imprint of standardised reproduction systems, among many other threads which define affective qualities and renderings of sonic spaces which we have learned to engage with. Within this work the listener is invited to explore these multiple instances through sitting, standing and walking through the space.

Thursday 12th of February, 21.00

A STEIM curated concert featuring Peter Edwards and Tijs Ham.

STEIM present a concert at the W139 as part of Nearly Not There... two live electronics performances that dive into the aesthetics of customized,reinvented or otherwise self constructed objects. In search of the control of sound... or perhaps looking to lose that control.

Through all of his work, Peter Edwards strives to destabilize preconceptions of role and function as well as dissolve the barriers between producer and consumer. Particularly to this end, he employs the practice of electronics hacking and circuit bending of common technologies to illustrate that function need not be dictated to the end user.

Tijs Ham will perform the latest developments in his ongoing fascination for the expressive possibilities of chaotic processes. Combining both analog and digital techniques, there is a constant tention between control and surprise. Navigating the tipping points that separate the predicatable from the unforeseen.

Monday 16th of February until Friday 20th of February, daily from 12.00 - 18.00

Installation / Performance:

_during, lasting.. by Martijn Tellinga

5 consecutive days
6 hours daily
9 players enter the space for one hour (unannounced & uncoordinated)
audience comes and goes

Over the course of 5 days and within a timeslot of 6 hours, 9 musicians visit the gallery space on a daily basis. They do so without conferring with each other. Playing positions have been fixed and following their arrival each musician plays a one hour part from the same position every day. With the permutation of the ensemble on a particular day left to chance, the piece displays a serial process of dismantling and re-integration of its parts. More than being a work of long duration, 'during, lasting..' is comprised of reconfigured time. Accordingly, it can take the shape of a silenced space -an environment of no or few sounds or activity-, of a compositional space enveloped by progressing tones and including a multitude of instruments, or of one of the many transitionary stages in between.

Score parts describe simple patterns of sound and silence; sustained distinguishable tones only, one by one, repeated to form units and generally quiet. Between two tones, a long or even longer rest. No intended rhythm between parts has to exist, they are to overlap freely, or not. The number of musicians present in the space at a certain moment sets the complexity of interaction between parts, the daily assemblage of the ensemble over time the unfolding of a form.

Played by Konzert Minimal, Berlin and the DNK Ensemble.

Saturday 21st of February, 21.00

Concert Night:

Eyes don’t see simultaneously by Lucio Capece

Sunday 22nd of February until Tuesday 24th of February

A 3 day seminar with:

Brandon Labelle
Imogen Stidworthy (Liverpool)
and additional guests.

A focus on the theme of Voice.

Wednesday 25th of February, 22.00 to 23.00

Official Sonic Acts Warm up event:

Out Of Darkness

The DNK ensemble will perform an interior tribute to Anthony McCall's seminal land art performance / film Landscape For Fire.

The giant empty gallery space of W139 will be illuminated from total darkness with a grid of fires, returning to it's dark state over the course of an hour.

A one hour opening and closing of W139.

DNK Ensemble
André Avelăs
Seamus Cater
Koen Nutters
Martijn Tellinga