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12 March 2012 at NIMk

*Significant Music #6 at NIMk*
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12 March 2012 at NIMk

Significant Music #6

"Significant for you, significant for us"

This Monday is the sixth edition of Significant Music, where a specially selected group of Amsterdam-based musicians, artists, curators and designers each play 1 significant piece of music from their collection.

This is of course not an easy task, making a single selection from a lifetime's listening. As an audience member, what you experience is an intimate offering of music played on vinyl, tape, cd or digital means. These offerings could represent important moments, identity or epiphanal discoveries and are always revealing and surprising.

All choices are limited to a maximum of ten minutes and the evening has a structured but informal setting taking place at NIMk.


Martijn van Boven
Seamus Cater
Kristy Fenton
Petra Heck
Tahl Kaminer
Taku Mizuta Lippit
Koen Nutters
Viljam Nybacka
Olof van Winden

A full length mp3 compilation of Significant Music #1 can be heard here.

Location: NIMk
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
Door open 20:30, event begins at 21:00
Free entrance.