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24 April 2006

*Two sets: Alessandro Bosetti (solo) / The Same Girl.
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24 April 2006

The Same Girl and Alessandro Bosetti.

1st set:

The Same Girl:

Nicolas Field: percussion,
Gilles Aubry: electronics.

Before discovering a common interest in improvised music, Nicolas Field and Gilles Aubry met up during the summer of 1995 as they were trying to seduce the same girl… The story ended up in an intense and fruitful musical collaboration, their work is characterised by an instinctive approach and a strong complicity. By contrast as well as by mixture of sounds, Gilles Aubry and Nicolas Field try to capture and surprise by immerging themselves completely in the energy of the moment.

2nd set:

Alessandro Bosetti: voice, saxophone, electronics.

As composer, saxophonist and sound artist, Allesandro Bosetti works with the musicality of spoken words and unusual aspects of spoken communication, producing text-sound compositions and improvisations. As a saxophonist he has developed an original instrumental language that incorporates extended techniques, noises, and a strong influence from electronic music.