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19 May 2018
Performance in and as music...

The fourth DNK DAYS event at Broedplaats Lely presents three different ways of dealing with performance in and as music. Where does the performative start and the musical end? And what about the area in between? Could there actually be a large overlapping zone in which musicality embedded in everyday objects and gestures can come to life; between the mind of the observer and the intentionality of the (non-)performer. Three approaches that make it possible to think about music as more than just organized sound.

In Takehisa Kosugi’s proposal/composition Distance we see the performative gesture as a generative device to create novel ways of playing the piano. Stine Janvin’s theatrical absence gives her the space to explore different locations with her vocal presence, and Luc Ferrari presents the players with a score that reads as something between a theater play, an homage to Pier Paulo Pirandello, an overview of the history of its own becoming and a letter with instructions to whomever wants to look for the sound phenomenon known as “the phase”.


Luc Ferrari - Didascalies 2, ou Trois personages en quëte de notes (2005)
(for 2 pianos and a very powerful instrument capable of holding a very loud note)
Elisabeth Smalt - viola
Dante Boon - piano
Reinier van Houdt - Piano

Stine Janvin - In C-Section (2014/2018)
Stine Janvin - voice, transmissions

The solo piece In C-Section is a live version of material from the LP In Labour, where the voice plays an (inter)active role in a selection of environments. With an omni-directional wireless microphone, the performer moves between spaces outside and around the stage. The voice, as well as the ambience of the surroundings, are transmitted live into the concert space. Aiming to challenge the concert format and raising questions about the way one listens and perform, the concert In C Section is performed as a sort of live radio play with an abstract narrator.

Morten Joh - sound technician

Takehisa Kosugi - Distance for (2) Piano(s) (1965)

Score from the Fluxus performance workbook:

Distance for Piano (to David Tudor)
Performer positions himself at some distance from the piano from which he should not move. Performer does not touch piano directly by any part of his body, but may manipulate other objects to produce sound on piano through them. Performer produces sounds at points of piano previously determined by him. Assistants may move piano to change distance and direction of the performer.

Version for 2 pianos performed by DNK Ensemble:

Dante Boon - objects, machines, piano
Reinier van Houdt - objects, machines, piano

Seamus Cater - assistant
Koen Nutters - assistant
Martijn Tellinga - assistant

This evening is produced in collaboration with De Appel and is a partner-event with the MAZE Festival, three nights of concerts and discussions focused on interactive scores from the 18 to the 20th of May in Splendor.

Doors open: 20:00
Entrance: €10

De Appel (Broedplaats Lely)
Schipluidenlaan 12