17 February 2018

DNK DAYS – Event #1 – North American process music and tuning into the spirit world

An eventful concert in three parts, co-hosted by De Appel, in the large auditorium of Broedplaats Lely.

Part one:
Apartment House (UK) plays pieces by Martin Arnold (CA) and Joseph Kudirka (US)

Part two:
Joseph Kudirka, Jeroen Kimman, and Raphael Vanoli play Joseph Kudirka’s process guitar trio: Downer

Part three:
Sam Ashley performs his narrative for voice: Love among the immortals

For this first concert at De Appel, in a series of six, DNK Amsterdam has invited the renowned English ensemble: Apartment House to come to Amsterdam with no less than seven musicians to play the exquisite music of North American composers: Martin Arnold and Joseph Kudirka.

In addition to this, composer, musician: Joseph Kudirka himself will come from Berlin to meet up with local guitar heroes; Jeroen Kimman and Raphael Vanoli to play his excellent, rewired, guitar trio: Downer and last but not least: Sam Ashley, renowned mystic, author, percussionist, and performer of expressive, ritualistic, actions will travel from his place in this dimension to tune into the spirit world and perform a special solo version of his half-spoken half-sung performance narrative: Love among the immortals.

Location: Broedplaats Lely
Schipluidenlaan 12

Time: 20:00 – 23:00

Tickets: 10 Euros

DNK-Days 2018 is supported by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Mondriaan Fonds, Fonds Podiumkunsten, STEIM, Urban Resort.

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