21 April 2018

DNK Days presents two new collective compositions for creative musicians by renowned New York based composer / improvisor Lea Bertucci, working with the Berlin-based ensemble The Pitch, and by elusive Californian composer / performer Mark So, actualized by Chilian guitarist Cristián Alvear and Mexican turntablist Gudinni Cortina.

A night of compositions, propositions, structures for improvisation, texts for contemplation worked on collectively by composers and groups of so-called creative interpreters: a new breed of musicians harnessing compositional knowledge, improvisational experience and a urge to work together, sharing responsibility and credit alike.


Lea Bertucci and The Pitch play:
Against Indifference (2017/18) for mixed ensemble and tape

Invited by The Pitch to collaboratively produce a new work, Lea Bertucci asked them (The Pitch) to make micro-cassette recordings of recent demonstrations in Berlin, Amsterdam and Lisbon, from which she created a tape collage. Next to this she composed a graphic score from which they will work. She will travel to Berlin to prepare and perform together, starting at Berlin's West Germany, then moving to DNK Days, and further afield the future…

Lea Bertucci - tapes and electronics
The Pitch
Boris Baltschun - electric pump organ / electronics
Koen Nutters - upright bass
Morten J. Olsen - vibraphone / tape delay
Michael Thieke - clarinet

Cristián Alvear / Gudinni Cortina & Mark So:
"And suddenly from all this there came some horrid music"

Mark So sent Cristián Alvear (Chili) and Gudinni Cortina (Mexico) post cards with quite oblique instructions to make a duo piece for acoustic guitar and turntables. These texts by Julio Cortázar, along with the legacy of So’s enormous compositional output, informed the musicians to create a quite beautiful, minimal masterpiece, receiving it's first live performance in Europe at this event. The studio version of this piece was released by Canadian experimental music label Caduc Recordings.

Cristián Alvear Montecino - acoustic guitar
Gudinni Cortina - turntables

This evening also includes individual sets by Lea Bertucci and The Pitch

DJ: L.F.C.

Time: 20:00 – 23:00

Tickets: 10 Euro

De Appel (Broedplaats Lely)
Schipluidenlaan 12
1062 HE Amsterdam

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